Audio Recordings

Short talk &  meditation – Karma & Meditation, Shrewsbury Triratna Buddhist Centre, January 2020

Uncontrived Mindfulness retreat at Metta Vihara, Netherlands, December 2019

The Unreliable Witness B&B weekend, Shrewsbury Triratna Buddhist Centre, October 2019

The Beautiful Mind Retreat, Rivendell, October 2019

Talk Ethical Challenges in the Modern World, Shrewsbury Triratna Centre, March 2019

Uncontrived Mindfulness retreat, Vajraloka Retreat Centre, North Wales, February 2019

Talk given to the Triratna Oxford Sangha in May 2018 ‘How the Buddha Taught’.

Talk given on June 2018 Order Weekend at Taraloka ‘Living a Life for the Dharma’.

Metta Evening, Sangha night, Shrewsbury, Jan 2019

Vipassana Retreat led meditations, Borntorpet, Sweden, October 2018

Awareness to Wisdom retreat, Taraloka Retreat Centre, Shropshire, September 2018

Uncontrived Mindfulness and the Unreliable Witness retreat, Vajraloka Retreat Centre, North Wales, June 2018

Where Love Meets Wisdom retreat, Rivendell Retreat Centre, October 2017

Buddhafield Total Immersion retreat, first half, Devon, June 2017

Talk and reflection on the Four Noble Truths given in Shrewsbury Buddhist Centre, January 2017.