Teaching dates

2020 Dates

Monday 28th December to Sunday 3rd January 2021ONLINE meditation retreat Uncontrived Mindfulness: a beautiful mind. For Triratna Order Members & Mitras.


13th to 19th March: Women’s Order Retreat at Taraloka Retreat Centre, Shropshire. ONLINE  https://www.taraloka.org.uk/retreats/online-uncontrived-mindfulness-mar-2021

2nd to 7th April: Meditation Retreat. An ONLINE retreat for Rivendell Retreat Centre. https://www.rivendellretreatcentre.com/retreats/investigating-each-moment-awareness-wisdom-online-retreat-apr-2021

16th to 23rd April: Uncontrived Mindfulness retreat at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, Scotland

30th July to 10th August: Uncontrived Mindfulness retreat at Vajraloka Retreat Centre, North Wales

9th to 19th September: Uncontrived Mindfulness at Dharmagiri Retreat Centre, Sweden

24th September to 3rd October: Awareness to Wisdom for Vipassana Gruppen at Borntorpet, Sweden

November 12th to 19th: Meditation retreat at Rivendell Retreat Centre, Sussex.