Teaching dates

Teaching Dates 2022 – all in person (for now!)

February – September Nature of Mind Project https://adhisthana.org/natureofmind/ This project is happening on line and in person with many different facets, and speakers from the world of neuroscience and secular mindfulness, and meditation teachers within Triratna. I’ll be leading 5 days of meditation and input from 4th to 8th July.

The project is for anyone interested in the nature of mind, regardless of any previous experience of Buddhism or meditation, and regardless of tradition.

April 22nd to 29th: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, Scotland. https://www.dhanakosa.com/retreat/2022/awareness-wisdom

May 6th to 15th: Uncontrived Mindfulness retreat with Sweden Vipassanagruppen. https://sangha.nu/uncontrived-mindfulness-with-vajradevi/

May 19th to 28th: Satipatthana retreat. Uncontrived Mindfulness; awareness to wisdom at Dharmagiri Retreat Centre, Sweden. https://stockholmsbuddhistcenter.se/retreater/

June 1st to 5th: Great Gathering Event: Dancing With Pure Presence, at Taraloka for Order Members & Mitras. https://www.taraloka.org.uk/retreats/the-great-gathering-dancing-pure-presence-2022-jun-2022

June 10th to 20th: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Vajraloka Retreat Centre, North Wales. https://www.vajraloka.org/calendar/retreats?ev=275

October 28th to November 4th: Uncontrived Mindfulness meditation retreat at Rivendell Retreat Centre, East Sussex. https://www.rivendellretreatcentre.com/retreats/investigating-each-moment-awareness-wisdom-oct-2022

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