Publication of Uncontrived Mindfulness & Book Launch Dates.

Here is a link to the zoom book launch dates I’m doing. There are around 20 so far in the UK and Europe. More are added each week and you’re welcome to contact the relevant Triratna Buddhist Centre to get a link for the event or workshop.

And a list of the events (for more info to individual events please use the link).

Book launch events for ‘Uncontrived Mindfulness’

Vajradevi is leading the following events to launch her new book Uncontrived Mindfulness: Ending Suffering through Attention, Curiosity and Wisdom. Follow the links to find out more.

If you would like to invite Vajradevi to lead a book launch event with your sangha, please contact her via her website. 

March 2021

Tuesday March 30 – Liverpool – on Zoom

Wednesday March 31 – Shrewsbury – on Zoom

April 2021

Friday April 9 – Dublin – on Zoom

Sunday April 11 – Low Countries (The Netherlands and Belgium) – on Zoom

Monday April 12 – Manchester – on Zoom

Wednesday April 21 – Brighton – on Zoom

Tuesday April 27 – Krakow – on Zoom

Wednesday April 28 – Chester – on Zoom

May 2021

Monday May 3 – Stockholm – on Zoom

Tuesday May 4 – Bristol – on Zoom

Tuesday May 25 – Norwich – on Zoom

Saturday May 29 – Berlin – on Zoom

June 2021

Tuesday June 8 – Glasgow – on Zoom

Wednesday June 23 – Mid Essex – on Zoom

Tuesday June 29 – Warwick – on Zoom

July 2021

Wednesday July 7 – Stroud – on Zoom

Saturday July 17 – Cardiff – in person

Monday July 19 – North London – on Zoom

Wednesday July 21 – Deal – on Zoom

Saturday July 24 – Croydon – on Zoom

Wednesday July 28 – Frome – on Zoom

August 2021

Thursday August 12 – Birmingham – in person

Soon I hope to be going even further afield with book launch evenings in the US and Australia and New Zealand.

Publication day is 31st March 2021!

Details below of how to see more info about the book, including a short video where I’m talking with the director of Windhorse Publications about the book.

You can go straight to purchasing the book directly here:

UPDATE to this post

Due to coronavirus the publication of the book is going to be delayed until March 2021. This is a shame,though very understandable. I’m pleased to say that crowd funding for its publication is going very well and has exceeded its target. More funds are always welcome though, and you’ll receive both a hard copy and an e copy of the book if you contribute.

Please see below for more details.

I’m extremely happy to tell you that my first book will be published by Windhorse Publications later this year. Below is the front cover, with the title ‘Uncontrived Mindfulness, ending suffering through attention, curiosity and wisdom’.

The book will lay out how to practice awareness + wisdom, receptive mindfulness with various exercises and led meditations, plus some pieces drawn from this blog.

Windhorse Publications, as a small independent publisher, are looking to crowdfund the book, by gaining sponsorship. In return they give you a copy of the book as well as a copy of the ebook. If you would be interested in finding out more about sponsoring the book, the link is below.

Coming soon: Uncontrived Mindfulness